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DURATION 12 Weeks Online (5 hours/week)
ELIGIBILITY Any Graduate/ Diploma holder
STARTS ON March 27, 2024 Last Date to Apply: February 29, 2024
DURATION 12 Weeks Online (5 hours/week)
PROGRAMME FEE INR 1,26,000 + GST View Payment Plan to know more

Programme Overview

Are you equipped with the latest digital tools and techniques to help your company innovate and prepare for any future challenges? If not, it's time to prioritise digital transformation. By embracing digital technologies, companies can become more efficient, customer-focused, and agile, resulting in increased revenue and profitability. Given the accelerating pace of technological change, businesses that fail to prioritise digital transformation risk falling behind and losing market share.

ISB Executive Education’s Certificate Programme in Digital Transformation will help you deep-dive into the technological disruption shappening across industries. Learn about emerging technologies like Blockchain, Social Computing, IoT, and their business use cases, identify opportunities for innovation in your company, and learn frameworks that you can apply in your organisations to build a competitive advantage.

  • $2.27 trillion

    The global digital transformation market is projected to grow from $2.27 trillion in 2023 to $8.92 trillion by 2030, at a CAGR of 21.6% during the forecast period.

  • $7 trillion

    According to IDC, the direct digital transformation investment is expected to reach $7 trillion with a CAGR of 18% from 2020 to 2023

  • 90%

    IDC asserts that AI technology will be inserted into the processes and products of at least 90% of new enterprise apps by 2025.

Programme Highlights

75+ Pre-Recorded Videos for Self-paced Learning from Top ISB Faculty

Real-Life Case Studies

Practice Quizzes

Graded Assignments*

Live Online Sessions with Programme Leaders**

5 Live Masterclasses with Industry Experts***

2 Weeks Capstone Project

ISB faculty will not be a part of weekly live sessions or any other live interaction in this programme. We have a curated panel of eminent programme leaders who will be conducting the weekly live doubt-clearing sessions.
The final number of quizzes, assignments and discussions will be confirmed closer to the programme start.
*Assignments are graded either by programme leaders who are available to support participants in their learning journey and/or by the Emeritus grading team.
**Programme leaders are domain experts who will clear your doubts and guide you through your learning journey.
***Live masterclasses are conducted by industry experts. Industry experts for masterclasses might change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Case Studies

Reliance : Reliance Energy This case teaches how Reliance strategically use technology to improve competitiveness. Understand challenges in old world industries in India and assess the business equation for driving value with technology. Learn about complementary changes needed in structure, policies, and culture for successful technology adoption.
Ashok Leyland-ServiceMandi: Corporate Entrepreneurship How macro, industry, and company-specific factors can impact new business ideas in established corporations. It highlights the core logic and processes involved in defining and shaping a new revenue stream in a corporate setting, as well as the tradeoffs in accelerating and scaling up a proven business opportunity and integrating it into the overall corporate strategy.
General Electric Assess the different pivots in GE's business model with emphasis on changing engagement models with its customers. Assess GE's action plan, including investments in new capabilities, required to affect these business model shifts. Assess the payoffs and risks of the transformation, and how GE can overcome them. Understand what happened with GE and the Industrial Internet.

Note: All product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

Live Masterclasses with Industry Experts

Big data and cloud computing Navigate the digital landscape from the evolution of big data to cutting-edge analytics, cloud strategies, and scalable solutions. Explore the future with big data and cloud.
Generative AI, and AI in general, and its impact on digital transformation Dive into the world of Generative AI, covering GANs, VAEs, Transformers. Explore generative vs discriminative models, architectures, training, and applications across industries.
Industry 4.0, digital cities and smart grid, IOT, Social 4.0 Embark on a tech journey exploring Industry 4.0, Smart Factories, Digital Cities, IoT innovations, Smart Grids, and Social 4.0, shaping a connected and sustainable future across diverse industries.
Data strategy and analytics Navigate the data landscape from strategy to monetisation – from storage, architecture, and integration to cross-border sharing, driving decisions with analytics, and crafting impactful visualisations.
Cybersecurity and risk management Navigate the digital frontier: from Cyber Threats to GDPR compliance, explore the cybersecurity landscape with frameworks like NIST and ISO 27001, fortify your defenses through risk assessment, incident response, IAM principles and cloud security.

Note: Live masterclasses are conducted by industry experts. Industry experts for masterclasses might change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Why ISB Executive Education?

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  Non-Accredited Institute
Accredited institution Accredited by three global accreditation bodies - EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA. This is the highest in PG business education No accreditation
Curriculum Designed by India’s No.1 Business School* Designed by a non-accredited Institute
Recognition of Certificate Certificate is recognized globally. Instantly adds credibility to your resume Certificate may be recognized in one or two cities in India
Lifetime association Lifetime association with one of the best Business Schools in India Associated with a small institute
Credibility of faculty Learn from globally renowned ISB faculty and get best-in-class knowledge through high-definition pre-recorded videos Faculty are not globally renowned
Financial Times Rankings 2023 No.1 Business School in India*
No.4 in Asia
No ranking
Live online sessions by programme leaders
Weekly doubt clearing sessions
Join the ISB Executive Network and access the LinkedIn Group
Exclusive invitations to Online and Offline events by ISB Executive Education
Flexible payment options

Source: FT Global MBA Ranking 2023

Past Participant Profiles

Work Experience
Past Participant Experience
Job Function
Past Participant Job Function
Past Participant Industry

Read about our participants' learning experience on LinkedIn

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Inspiring Journeys

Niranch K

Sales Manager - Velocis Systems Private Limited

Excellent flow of the Course programme and excellent Tutors. This course has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to lead digital transformation initiatives across organizations and drive growth in the digital age. This was an excellent opportunity to learn from industry experts and fellow professionals in this program. Looking forward to applying my new skills and knowledge to make a meaningful impact.

Krishnakant Mishra

Director Visual Effects - PixStone Images Pvt Ltd

The best part was the interactive lectures and discussions. Just finished a certification course from ISB on Digital Transformation, which was an experience on understanding the technology of blockchain, Ai/ML and social 2.0 and other things. The best part was the interactive lectures and discussions. Now looking forward to applying to my industry.

Ashutosh Agarwal

Manager- Consulting Services

A comprehensive programme, curated by eminent ISB faculty (Prof. Bhagwan Chowdhry, Prof. Deepa Mani, Prof. Anand Nandkumar, Prof. Vasudeva Varma, Prof. Vishal Karungulam, and Prof. Milind Sohoni) and jointly delivered with Emeritus, provided an excellent opportunity to deep-dive, understand, and learn the business imperatives of the emerging technologies such as AI/ML, Blockchain, IoT/IIoT, Social Computing, Social Networks, Enterprise 2.0, and many more. Special thanks to Program Leaders who helped the participants understand how organisations must adapt to the rapidly evolving wave of digital transformation.

Who is this Programme for?

This programme will benefit:

  • Individuals who are function heads and want to derive maximum benefit from latest digital technologies, thus transforming the day to day operations and positively impacting their P&L
  • Individuals who are not technology experts, but responsible for driving their company's strategy or leading digital transformation in their organisation, and want to ensure that they put the best foot forward in their company's digital transformation, and are always ahead of their competition
  • Consultants working with clients to help them transition, transform and scale their businesses

Key Programme Takeaways

  • Understand the need and potential impact of digital, and learn to adapt to this fast-changing environment
  • Consolidate a strong foundation in the current competitive market through a high level digital-led strategy
  • Explore emerging technologies like IoT, Blockchain, AI/ML
  • Use techniques to calculate risks and rewards of digital implementation in the changing industry landscape
  • Create strategic & operational plans across the value chain
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Programme Certificate

Upon successfully completing the programme with a minimum 70% score, you will be awarded a certificate from ISB Executive Education.

Sample Certificate
Sample Certificate

Note: All certificate images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of ISB.

Programme Faculty

Deepa Mani

Professor, Information Systems

Deputy Dean - Digital Learning and Executive Education

Professor Deepa Mani’s research interests are at the intersection of technology, organisation, and society. Her research articles have been published in leading academic journals. Deepa works closely with industry to drive innovation and strategies for the digital economy.

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Bhagwan Chowdhry

Professor, Finance

Executive Director - DIRI

Professor Bhagwan Chowdhry’s research interests are in international finance and corporate finance and strategy and has been a visiting professor and lecturer at a variety of institutions, including the University of Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and ISB. He is a current visiting scholar at the Stellar Development Foundation.

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Anand Nandkumar

Associate Professor, Strategy

Executive Director - Srini Raju Centre for IT and the Networked Economy (SRITNE)

Anand Nandkumar explores industry and firm level phenomena that influence innovation - the generation of new ideas and entrepreneurship - distribution and commercialization of new ideas. His research focuses on high technology industries such as pharmaceuticals, bio-technology and software, and falls in between industrial organisation (IO), economics of technological change and strategy. His current work examines the influence of venture capitalists on entrepreneurial performance.

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Milind Sohoni

Professor, Operations Management

Deputy Dean - Hyderabad Campus and Faculty & Research

Milind Sohoni’s research interests span large-scale stochastic airline optimization, supply chain analytics, healthcare delivery and nonprofit operations management in resource constrained settings. He has also received excellence in research awards from academic and practitioner societies. He serves as an associate editor for leading academic journals in operations management.

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Vishal Karungulam

Visiting Faculty at ISB

Group Product Manager, Google

Vishal Karungulam is a visiting faculty to PGP and Executive Education participants at ISB, for Software Product Management and Digital Transformation. For the last 15 years, he has built world class products across hardware and software and has led multiple large scale digital transformation initiatives in the Supply Chain space. He is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, and currently leads Product Management in India for Cloud Security at Google.

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Read More

Vasudeva Varma

Professor, IIIT Hyderabad

Vasudeva Varma’s research interests include search (information retrieval), information extraction, information access, cloud computing and software engineering. He heads the Search and Information Extraction Lab at IIIT Hyderabad.

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Programme Modules

  • Introduction
  • Clayton Christensen's Disruptive Innovation Framework
  • The Nature of Technology Led Disruptions
  • Case Discussion: The Incumbent Value Network in the Music Industry
  • Case Discussion: Waves of Technology Disruption in the Music Industry
  • Case Discussion: Impact of Technological Innovation on Consumers and Artists
  • Case Discussion: Impact of Technological Innovation on the Recording Company
  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Two Sided Platform Mediated Networks
  • Strategic Challenges that Confront Platform Models
  • Winner-take-all Nature of Competition Amongst Platform Models
  • Envelopment Strategies that Platform Models Use to Compete in Networked Markets
  • Sharing Economy as a Specific Instance of Platform Business Models
  • Canonical Examples of Sharing Economy
  • Strategic Challenges in the Sharing Economy or the Platform Model
  • Opportunities for the Future
  • Introduction to Merchant Models
  • The Old Retail Cocktail/Low Prices
  • Algorithms with Use Cases
  • The Old Retail Cocktail/Large Selection and User Experience
  • Winner Takes All
  • Merchant Model or Platform Model
  • User First Product Development
  • Hypothesis Driven Development
  • Understanding Your Customers Deeply - Building Granular Personas
  • Discover the Problem - Creating a Problem Hypothesis
  • Validate the Problem - Validating a Problem Hypothesis
  • Explore Solutions - Creating Solution Hypothesis
  • Validate Solutions - Validating Solution Hypothesis
  • Building an MVP - Defining the MVP and Experimenting
  • Measuring Success - Product and Business Metrics
  • Digitization Opportunities - Corporate Innovation
  • Why Look at Digital Innovation Opportunities?
  • How Do Organisations Implement Hypothesis Driven Thinking Within?
  • What are the Cultural and Organizational Considerations?
  • Transformation of an Incumbent
  • GE Leveraged IoT to Transform its Products and Business Model
  • Role of IoT in the Transformation of GE's Business Model
  • New Capabilities GE Needed to Develop to Create Value
  • Final Pivot in GE's Business Model - Its Transition to a Platform
  • The Strategic Import of Information Capabilities
  • Operating Models (Part 1)
  • Operating Models (Part 2)
  • Enterprise Systems
  • A Portfolio Approach to Managing IT Investments
  • Network IT - Collaborative Communities
  • Network Analytics at MasterFoods
  • Network IT - Contests
  • Open Innovation Models
  • Interview with Harishankaran K, HackerRank
  • SCM, Digital and Functional Transformation
  • Digital Supply Chain or Industrial /Functional Transformation
  • Digital SCM - Industry and Functional Transformation
  • Digital Marketing/Analytics - Strategic Overview (How Business functions could get transformed)
  • Focus on Digital Strategies
  • Design Levers For Supply Chain (4 Levers)
  • Future of Supply Chain
  • What is Machine Intelligence?
  • A Non-Technical Introduction to AI Algorithms
  • AI vs Other Automation Technologies Using RPA As An Example
  • AI in Managerial Functions
  • Why There is More Buzz About AI Now
  • AI as a General Purpose Technology And Its Implications
  • A More Detailed Non-Technical Introduction to AI Algorithms with Use Cases
  • AI and Augmented Intelligence
  • Developing an AI Strategy
  • Managerial Trade-Offs Involved While Embracing AI
  • Summary
  • Introduction to Social Computing
  • Nature of Social Web
  • Types of Social Media Noise
  • Structure of the Social Network
  • ABCs of the Social Network
  • Social Commerce
  • Dealing with Unstructured Data in Social Computing
  • Overcoming Challenges with Unstructured Data in Social Computing
  • Applications of Social Computing
  • Introduction
  • What is Money
  • Physical Value and Digital Value
  • What is a Block, Nonce, Transactions?
  • 'Mining' in Blockchain
  • Linking Blocks to Form a Blockchain
  • Bitcoin Transactions
  • Types of Blockchain
  • Future of Money

Modules/ topics are indicative only, and the suggested time and sequence may be dropped/modified/adapted to fit the total programme hours.

ISB Executive Network

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  • Preferential pricing with 10% discount on programme fee on ISB Executive Education programmes
  • Upgrade to Executive Alumni status by completing 100+ learning hours

Complimentary Annual Digital WSJ Membership

As a participant in the programme, you can enjoy a complimentary annual digital membership to The Wall Street Journal, giving you unlimited access to award-winning journalism across any device. From business and world news, to technology and life and arts, WSJ provides ambitious and fact-based reporting that readers can trust.

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